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Where In The World Is Andrew Ross Sorkin?

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Did anyone else wake up this morning feeling empty, with the sense that something was awry? Did you get a nervous feeling in your stomach that seemed to indicate that if later today, a big merger and/or acquisition were announced, there’d be no one to write about it? That if there were a Tax on Private Equity emergency, and say Congress was thisclose to announcing there’d be no increase on the paltry 15%, there’d be no Jew properly suited for the job of chaining himself to a bulldozer (go with me), swallowing the key and refusing to expel it until they promised to make those capitalist crooks pay?
If you answered: “Yes. Yes. And yes,” congratulations your Andrew Ross Sorkin (Queen) Radar (ARSQR) is working. DealBook, taking a cue from DealBreaker and writing about itself, reports that Andrew Ross Sorkin (Queen) is on his honeymoon. Which leads us to our next question:

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And, after the jump, yet another question arising from the matter of the missing DealBookie.
Live from Sun Valley 2007 [DealBook]

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