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Write-Offs: 07.08.07

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$$$Deals: We're Already Topping $1 Trillion
In our M&A Roundup for the week ending June 29, even before including Saturday's BCE buyout, a mix of LBOs and foreign purchases of U.S. companies lead to the benchmark. []
$$$Commemorating the Dow....'s all-time low. [Crossing Wall Street]
$$$Alpha Jew seeks superior woman [Craigslist]
$$$ "It's become clear to me that my conception of what a hedge fund is (or should be) has little basis in reality." [The Stalwart]
$$$Apollo Talks With Arab Fund [WSJ]
$$$ The 20 rising hedge fund stars [FT Alphaville]
$$$ "In two years from now you will run into the Bancrofts wringing their hands like Banquo's ghost and saying 'we was duped' while spending their cheques in Monte Carlo." [Gawker]
$$$$Honey's new show [Daily News]