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Write-Offs: 07.13.07

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$$$Accusing Alligator - Dan Loeb [Long or Short Capital]
$$$ A Few More Thoughts On Mackey [The Stalwart]
$$$ I am intereted in a beautiful relationship, in whatever terms that is defined, with a successful banker or hedge fund 'type' man, who possibly works so hard that having a great young woman to splash colour and detail into his life would be a heavenly addition to the quality of his existence. I am naturally sexy in a unique way, having to do with aspects of Self most consider striking, sweet, stylish .. and soft. I'm a pretty solid individual from a great and intact family background of Jewish descent. I'm not religious, but spiritual with a Buddhist nature and Yogic state-of-being (yes fellows, this means I can bend so well! I'm an avid practitioner, and would love to offer you a private practice that will bring you great joy, health benefits and personal transformation). [Craigslist]
$$$ This week's big deals & dealmakers, with John Carney, editor and CNBC's Becky Quick.