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Xerox Develops Green "High-Yield" Paper

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Xerox has developed a new strain of low-cost environmentally friendly paper that compares in quality to standard 20-pound bond paper many businesses use. Xerox's "High-Yield Business Paper" is higher-yielding than most subprime issues and made in a much less intensive way than most paper on the market.
The new paper avoids some of the problems with "green" paper of the past, like its proclivity for curling in printers and spontaneously combusting in the hands of children. The new paper does have a slight aging problem, however, pictured here after two weeks out of the package. Here's a list of the pros and cons of the new paper:
-Requires half as many trees, half as much energy, fewer chemicals and one-third as much heart to produce
-Weighs 10% less, looks better in swimwear
-Costs less
-Still beats rock
-Can now be folded 12 times
-Has a low fertility rate
-Made from Giving Trees
-Not as white or smooth as what we conventionally call "paper," or "gravel"
-Yellows badly as it ages, confusing Egyptologists, politically correct Asians
-Goats won't eat it, not even for comedic effect
-Paper cuts now fatal
Xerox Develops a 'Green' Paper, But Will Firms Add It to Fold? [Wall Street Journal]