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You Guys Have Met Tim Sykes, Right?

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Particularly sick and twisted today? Maybe want to engage in some self-flagellation via the Internet? Dealbreaker feels you. Which is why we’re offering you the amazing opportunity to help choose Tim Sykes’s book cover. Yes, you. You. You can proudly say you had a role in creating the memoir that Tim Sykes e-mailed to tell us is being called “Catcher in the Rye for traders,” meaning the narrator is unreliable, he wildly exaggerates, the details are distorted by his point of view and by the end of the book, many readers will believe the story is being told from a mental hospital. (NB: Who compared “An American Hedge Fund” to “Catcher in the Rye”? Aaron Brown, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley).
After the jump, let’s get this over with.