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Buy These Shoes And Walk The Plank (There's More Where That Came From)

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It’s come to our attention, via logging on to, that a pair of men’s shoes is being sold not 0.2 miles from DB HQs for $725—bedazzled with a silver skull and crossbones. Brought to you by 127-year-old British shoemaker Barker Ltd., the design on the sumptuous leather loafer is a throwback to the insignia “of the 17th Lancers, a British regiment of dauntless dandies from a long-gone era.'' A dandy is a man who is excessively concerned about his clothes and appearance; a fop. The subtext here is that this man is gay.
Kent Kilroe, a broker who lives in the East Village and admits to owning multiple pairs, says he was seduced by both the emblem and comfort. While researching Barker, Derrick Miller “fell in love with the logo.” Bloomberg writer and Barker apologist Jeremy Gerard says that the skull and c-bones are as inconspicuous as “a horse bit or interlocking G’s.” The assumption that showy Gucci loafers are any less offensive is troubling.
A friend of DealBreaker well-versed in the sartorial inclinations of men who work in finance and men who work in finance in general claims that she “would totally do a guy wearing Barker Black shoes, but wouldn’t expect other people to take him seriously.” The well-heeled harpies over at estimate that “these shoes are for men who can't slaughter or pirate in the boardroom, and so they must try and do so in their closet instead. Don't do it.” You’ve probably gleaned our opinion on the matter. Yours?
For $725, Skull-and-Crossbone Loafers Whisper Cachet, Comfort [Bloomberg]