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Can We Interest Anyone From Caxton In Our Career Center Listings?

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Despite the fund’s denial, we’re still hearing persistent shouts and murmurs from several sources that Caxton has been selling a lot of assets, of late. According to one Cax-buff, “They lost nearly 20% last week…another [person] said they finished the month down 16%...this rumor seems to have a hell of a lot more legs than the average ‘hedge fund [x] is having issues’.”
But does it have more legs than the average “hedge fund [x] is having mother issues”? Traders—get on the horn and get some answers. It’s not like you’re not IMing all your contacts and saying “Pop quiz asshole: is your fund blowing up?” today, anyway. (We’re doing the same).
(NB: Caxton is a huge multi-strategy shop run by a pretty conservative guy. A loss is possible, but in the blow-up range? Doubtful. Nonetheless, 4,900 funds (and one global bank) are going to die within the next five years, and we've go to start somewhere. We might as well start at the top and work our way down. John Carney's Little Urban Achievers Capital Management-- your days are numbered).