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Caption Contest: Racist Intel Ad

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The latest Intel print ad for the Core 2 Duo processor features several large black guys posed in pre-prostration to a nerdy white overlord who looks like an extra from a bad Dockers commercial. Is the ad racist or are people reading into this too much? A common misreading of 'bent over black guys overseen by complacent white dude' imagery is to think that it's racist. Would the ad have made more sense if Intel used Chinese swimmers?
Also, any ideas on where this ad was focus tested (Intel's Andersonville HQ)? Intel probably just figured that only one of the people in the picture would be buying products with its new high-end chips anyway. That person of course, is the guy who finishes first in the race.
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The Union and Confederacy have been uncivilly vying over Intel's share price (Nasdaq: INTC) which has ranged in daily trading to up over 1% to down 1.5%.
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