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Caxton Going Down?

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We’re hearing rumors that Caxton Associates is blowing up. Caxton is one of the largest hedge funds in the world with around $16 billion under multi-strategy management so this would be huge and, as they say, unlikely. Some are saying it’s because of the move SEPR has made of over the past few weeks (Caxton’s largest equity position had been SEPR), others that it’s the very fashionable credit situation. Right now, all just hearsay. Maybe funds this large don't blow up. Maybe Caxton was already a red giant, and will contract into a white dwarf under a sea of redemption requests after some significant losses. Only then will it be ready for a supernova. Heard anything? You know where to find us.
Update: Caxton denies any such rumors. According a friend o' DealBreaker, there was a "larger than normal liquidation in order to reduce risk," the main fund is down 3-4% mtd and Caxton "made money today." Make of that what you will.