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CEOs – The New Proletariat

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CEOs of the world, unite! Forget that CEOs make 364 times more than the average worker (not including perks and benefits) - the average PE and hedge fund manager makes 61 times that of the average CEO.
Side rant regarding sub-workers: The study, conducted by the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy (IPS / UFE), factors in part-time jobs to the average worker salary. If you take the average for a full-time non-managerial job (40k), CEO pay is a mere 270 times the average worker. It’s good to know a fairer society is only a few theoretical adjustments away.
Don’t get your guillotine mobs in a bunch though, CEOs have toned it down, from the lavish 525 times the average worker salary they made in 2000 (that was the record). Forget the fact that in 1989 CEOs made only 71 times the salary of the average worker (Reagan just paved the way for that socialist Bush). Seriously, forget it. Sleep tight knowing that people who make $40k are only imaginary, like the borough of Brooklyn, or the strange creatures adorning the cover of Barbara Ehrenreich’s diary (those aren’t unicorns).
The real story is that CEOs are being forced into exploitative contracts, lulled by the false consciousness of 5 and 44. Sure, the common worker can get coerced into an oppressive labor agreement because he needs a common wage to survive, but CEOs need a robust portfolio of high-yielding alternative investments to survive as well, at the country club. CEOs have never felt as inadequate as members of the Second Estate, partly because PE/Hedge fund managers have several more estates.
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