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Chinese People Unanimously Support Search Engine's "Free" Music Initiative

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Baidu and Yahoo China, two of the most popular search engines in China, facilitate the country's near 100% rate of downloaded music that is stolen. That's right, almost all music downloaded in China is stolen (more proof that the Chinese are smarter than us). Other search engines in China, like Google China, don't have a built-in mp3 download tab, and are pissed that they can't gain search engine market share.
The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (and the world of tomorrow), a consortium that includes reps from Sony BMG, Universal and Warner, is on the case, suing nearly everyone in China. The organization reportedly wins 90% of its lawsuits, but loses suits against the big boys like Baidu, which entrenches the current search engine pecking order by crippling the little guy... with slaps on the wrist. Since the averages damages awarded per lawsuit amount to $130 (yes, dollars), getting sued isn't that big of a deal to a budding search provider. The IFPI spends about $13k per case, which is a bold profit shucking initiative that only the record companies could dream up.
In other search engine news, Google and Yahoo have teamed up with Mercedes to allow each search enginge's map services to be sent to your car, if your car is a Mercedes. You know the state of auto-navigation is in trouble when car GPS systems are Google mapping a destination. The service will be available on the S-class, CL-class and entire 2008 C-class lineup.
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