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DealBreaker's Guide To Eating Out

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When selecting a restaurant for a special occasion, it’s important to judge candidates in several areas. They are as follows: food, décor, fellow diners, and how you feel about yourself when you tell other people you ate there. Take the upcoming French eatery, L’Autre Pied, being opened by the owners of the famed London restaurant Pied a Terre, this October in the City.
Food: The menu will be modern French and include dishes such as poached breast of quail and ragout of girolles with toasted hazelnut. Do you even know what a girolle is? Did you feel unintelligent, uncultured and unworthy for answering ‘no’? Do you now have the overwhelming desire to blow your entire bonus (if you’re a Sun Trust employee, ½ of your bonus if you’re with Goldman Sachs) on a meal owned by the people who went out of their way via menu to make you feel so worthless? Mission accomplished.
Décor: As far as interior decoration, we refer you to the picture above. More important, however, is the private dining room, which will seat around 10-15 people (the main room will accommodate 45-50), and whose use will be prohibitively expensive. We are fans of any restaurant that aims to create class wars among its own diners so, as they say, 2 points.
Fellow Diners: Owner David Moore said he and his partner, Shane Osborn, hope to attract the “hedge fund crowd, as well as the ladies who lunch.”
How it makes you feel to tell people you ate there: It goes without saying that any establishment whose goal is to attract hedgies and the ladies who love their money will go out of its way to make sure that the “I’m better than you because I dined on Pan-fried Fillet of Hake with Choucroute, Red Wine Sauce and Crispy Ventreche and you didn’t (and all I got was this lousy t-shirt)” factor is overt. The bonus (and genius) is in the timing of the opening. Considering that many of our readers in the hedge fund-specific financial services will be out of a job by the time L’Autre Pied is open for business, being able to tell your friend(s), erstwhile employee(s) of Sowood (Basis, AQR, Goldman), that you ate the aforementioned while he (they) dined on whatever food stamps were buying makes a meal at this restaurant so very worth it.
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