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Don't Tickle That Elmo!

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China believes the children are our future, just its children, not ours. That is why the first phase of China's global takeover strategy is to poison U.S. children. Turns out the mole is Elmo, and he wants to pump the West's children full of lead. He runs more red than we originally thought, it seems.
Mattel Inc, owner of Fisher Price, had to recall over one million toys sold in the U.S. and U.K. after an internal probe discovered that the Chinese manufacturer was using lead based paint to coat all things Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and Clifford the Big Red Carcinogen.
The recall is expected to dent Mattel's operating income by $30 million, cutting reported operating income almost in half.
China's Commerce Minister Bo Xilai reminds us that "More than 99% of the products China exports are of good quality and are safe," while the other 1% will kill you.
Mattel (NYSE: MAT) is down 1% in daily trading.
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