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Everyone Loves Erin BurnettWashington Post Tells Us Everything We Need To Know About The Street Sweetie

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Erin Burnett is lavished with praise by Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz. Ever since DealBreaker readers awarded her the top honors in our “Who Moves Your Market” poll, Burnett has come under increased scrutinyfawning from the press. But this is the longest, most in-depth profile to date. It’s pretty clear that Howie is a bit smitten with the Street Sweetie.
“The 31-year-old is razor sharp, works crazy hours, is comfortable discussing liquidity or collateralized debt obligations -- and everyone keeps talking about her looks,” Kurtz writes before immediately talking about her looks. “Under the lights, in a smoky blue dress that matches her eyes as well as her shoes, her flowing dark hair perfectly teased, she is not exactly hard on the eyes.”
Kurtz rehashes what you already know: Chris Matthews ogling her, Jon Stewart mocking her, Rush Limbaugh praising her and the CNBC executives adoring her. Grew up on a Maryland farm. Played field hockey. Went to Williams. Worked at Goldman. But there’s plenty of new stuff. Which we read so you don’t have to.
Wait Till We Get Our Haines On You
•Burnett on Haines: "We were like two dogs circling around."
•Haines on Burnett"We hit it off immediately She's very bright, funny. She's not a diva. She understands the markets. She works like a dog. It's just a ball to work with her."
Burnett On, Uhm, DealBreaker?
•“It's been an immense responsibility," she says. "We've been purveying facts rather than becoming part of the fear-mongering."
How Burnett Got Her Rapid-Fire, ‘Even Cramer Can’t Out Talk Me’ Banter Down Pat
•“After Burnett was promoted to a booker's job, Citigroup recruited her to help create an online financial news service. It was there – ‘doing thousands of interviews that very few people watched,’ she says -- that Burnett honed her skills. In 2003 she sent a tape to Matthew Winkler, Bloomberg's editor in chief, and was hired for its business channel, where she received several months of voice coaching.”
Burnett on Breakfast: Shorting It
•“She seems to subsist on little food, her sole intake before noon consisting of coffee and a bag of Sun-Maid dried apples, nibbled while Haines is doing the talking.”
Burnett On What You Really Wanted To Know Anyway
•Burnett is tight-lipped on the subject [of whether she is married or has a boyfriend], saying only that she's "in a relationship." After a pause, she adds: "And it's not with a woman." Further interrogation reveals only that her beau works in financial services.
Looking Good at CNBC (Pretty, Too) [Washington Post]