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Firing Spector Was Good For (Cayne’s) Business

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His golf business, that is. You didn’t think we meant Bear Stearns, did you? Come now. Deck chairs on the titanic (sandbags in New Orleans). The day after Cayne fired Warren Spector, co-president and heir to a kingdom only a sadomasochistic prince would want to inherit, Papa Bear shot one of his best games ever, at the Hollywood Golf Club. Granted, a score of 88 is only respectable if you’re a complete amateur, but it was a proud moment for the 73-year old championship cigar smoker, who in the week’s previous, was clocking in at around 102. And that was when he was (allegedly) cheating. Will Spector’s canning do anything to improve Cayne’s in-le-toilette bridge game? Stay tuned.
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