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Newly named Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli can't disguise his tenure at Home Depot, where he received ridiculous pay and a ridiculous golden parachute for helping the company tank. Orange smocks are just too conspicuous. What Nardelli can cover-up, however, is his stint at GE, especially in Detroit, where most people don't know the difference between all things General.
From Jalopnik, the cover-up starts with Chrysler's PR man Jason Vines, who told local Detroit affiliate WDIV about Nardelli's glorious stint at GM this morning (you can watch the video here). Vines then went on to detail the remarkable career of Tommy Lasorda, the former manager of the Dodgers. Soon, no one will know the real story, and Chrysler will emerge as the dominant American automaker in a short 100 years.
LaSorda told Chrysler employees in a statement on Friday after officially eaten by a three-headed dog, “One hundred years from now, people will look back on this day as the rebirth of a truly great company.” Never let it be said that American automakers are short sighted. Those 100 year plans are sure to excite shareholders. Odds are that, in its current state, it will be remarkable if people have something to refer to as "Chrysler" in 100 years.
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