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Grin and Bear It

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Practice saying it with us, "Our fund lost x% in the month of July/August." Now, try it in a mirror. Were you smiling? Even though you've probably frozen redemption requests, investors see that big ole frown as a sign that something is really awry, opposed to the overwhelming cascade of economic indicators.
Fortunately there’s a new Nintendo DS game on the horizon that is designed to exercise your facial muscles so that you can smile while issuing the most bearish of fund reports.
The game, called “Face Training,” is packaged with a digital camera peripheral. With a little practice, your frown can turn upside down, unlike the market, from amNewYork:

The 16 types of exercises called "facening," designed by beauty expert Fumiko Inudo, take about two to 10 minutes each to complete. Nintendo Co., the Kyoto-based maker of Pokemon and Super Mario games, recommends playing "Face Training" no longer than 15 minutes at a time to avoid overexerting face muscles or getting them "out of balance."
Besides the animation that serves as a model for players, an electronic voice resembling an aerobics instructor guides you to twist your mouth, drop your jaw, wink, glare at the ceiling and perform other moves to tighten flabby cheeks and develop that bright-eyed look.
"Open your mouth slightly, one, two, three, four," the machine says during one exercise.

The game comes with a built-in audience in the financial sector, as the soothing voice of a man counting off while you try and keep an orifice open is the most popular I-banking lullaby.
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