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HSBC Kowtows To Mark Zuckerberg, Loses All Credibility, Sense of Self-Respect

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Britain's largest bank announced today that it will not be implementing a plan to make money by charging interest on graduate overdrafts, because asked it not to. HSBC caved after catching wind of a group on the social networking site called "Stop the Great HSBC Graduate Rip-off," whose 5,756 members requested that the financial institution *not* charge them interest, referred to the bank as a "spin machine," and encouraged friends and family to go elsewhere out of spite. (One member, Martin Deakins, posted on the group's wall: "YEAH see HSBC you cant just f**k us over as and when you feel like it." Another, Michael Dean Anderson, perhaps a mole sent by the banking giant, wrote: "You all really need to get over yourselves and just pay it back. Fucking freeloaders: hate 'em. Much love.")
The reversal marks a victory for grads who would sooner opt to have money versus not have money, and a new low for the bank (next, Goldman Sachs's GEO will slash fees from 2/20 to 0/10 to 0/0, under pressure from a group formed by a bunch of Stern kids pushing their luck). Some might also regard it as accomplishment for the Facebook family, though it disappoints us greatly to see something that was created soley for the purposes of stalking classmates and/or getting laid to be used for such constructive means. Stuff like this was never in Adidas flip-flop boy's business plan.
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