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If You Don't Get To Work Today, The Terrorists Rain Wins

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If you are reading this from anywhere around NYC, you probably managed to get to work somehow. Which very likely means you are really dedicated to your job and unwilling to use the third-worldization of New York City's transit system to scam a free morning off from work or even claim a "work from home" day. Either that or you hate your home life so much even the deluge couldn't keep you there. Reports from our sources on the trading floors indicate that there's a lot of absentee traders today. Lazy employees or happy with their home life? We report. You deride.
Team DealBreaker is scattered all over the city, trying to figure out how to make our way to the DealBreaker Global HQ. The 4/5/6, 2/3 and N/R are all in various states of fustercluck. (Some of our correspondents report that they were forced to leave their beloved subways lines to take busses! The horror!) Cabs are pretty much unavailable, and traffic is snarled all over the city anyway.
Right now the Dow is up nearly 100 points, barely an hour into the trading day. Rain is volatility's friend.

The New York Times City Room blog is reporting that the subways are going to be like Heelys stock options (underwater) for a least a few more hours.

At 9:55 a.m., transit officials warned that the subway system would not be back until noon at the earliest — and possibly not until the evening rush. “We can pump a lot of water out of the system — we do, on a daily basis — but when we have this much rain in the system at one time, our ability to pump the water out into the sewer system is hampered because that system is overwhelmed,” Paul J. Fleuranges, a New York City Transit spokesman, told NY1 News.

Meanwhile, we've just heard that a senior manager at one Wall Street firm noted for its efforts to be a "good citizen" of New York City is telling employees to stay home until the transit mess clears up.