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Insider Trading, Yakuza Style

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After years of being relatively peaceful, the Japanese gangsters known as the yakuza are becoming more violent, according to a report from Japan’s national police agency. And what’s driving them to violence?
The stock market.
In the wake of the end of the Japanese building boom, which had been a major source of income for Japanese gangsters, the yakuza have been diversifying their portfolio by branching out into insider trading. Since few of the tattooed gang members are in places to acquire inside information the old fashioned way, they’ve developed a new technique. They beat it out of those who have it.
“Investigators are also alarmed at renewed yakuza interest in the stock market, with the threat of violence being used by gangs to gain inside information before investing their money, " the UK’s Guardian reports.
Just to be clear, when we talk about the benefits of repealing insider trading statutes, we’re not encouraging this sort of thing.
Yakuza moves from street to boardroom [Guardian]