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Investment Banking Kills

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Little ink should be spilled debating whether or not investment banking sucks. Whether your answer is "Yes" or "Yes, very much so" is a matter of preference. 100-hour work weeks + enforced genuflecting to spreadsheets and associates alike + a Vitamin D deficiency + the fact that the toll being taken on your body as a result of said occupation has the same side effects as massive intakes of Lemon Lime Gatorade + the sleepless nights spent wondering how big or small that bonus will be + the missing “cool (we lost three billion dollars in a matter of weeks)”-factor associated with being a hedge master (or even minion)? Pass. But can one actually make the case that investment banking is more demanding than serving in Iraq? Apparently. Deal Journal reports Capt. J. Dow Covey’s opinion on the matter:

“I practiced law for three years,” he said, “then got into investment banking. When 9/11 happened I just had to sign up with the Army. Investment banking is a lot more stressful than this.”

Okay. Except that when you’re living in your cubicle at 270 Park, there’s very little risk of getting shot (pray as you might for it to happen), and call us crazy, but not having to stress over wondering if we’re going to die today seems to displace, uh, everything else. But that's just us-- crazy! Thoughts? (NB: we do not discount the risk of heart attack associated with working in IB, or suicide, either. If you ever feel like giving up, or just need to talk to someone-- tips at dealbreaker dot com.)
Investment Banking: More Stressful Than Serving in Iraq [Deal Journal]


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