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It's His Special Day!Happy Birthday Warren Buffett!

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Despite what many in the business media seem to believe, Warren Buffett did not spring fully formed from the mind of Zeus. He too was born of woman and today the old guy celebrates his 77th birthday. As a gift to him, we're opening up our special vault of Warren Buffett posts. Some very special items can be found inside.
There's the time we wondered whether Warren Buffett is going to Hell. That prompted him to write a letter about DealBreaker. Let's not forget the time some Australian called him a 'notorious tightwad.' Or the day we learned he had disowned his granddaughter.
Looking back on that list, we have to admit it looks like we've been a bit harsh on the guy. (Maybe that's why no-one at Berkshire returns our calls when we ask for interviews or even just glimpses of the Oracle.) But we're pretty sure Warren's not too broken up over these DealBreaker posts. He's got a lot to cheer him up. A lot of women. Look at all the ladies who seem to have crushed on him in the last year: Liz Claman, Becky Quick and WallStrip's Lindsay Campbell. The girls at Hooters loved him too. And last year, on his birthday, the Dub-Bee got hitched to his longtime sweetheart.
So happy 77th birthday, Warren. Enjoy that Dairy Queen sundae!