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James Simons Will Sell Stakes For Cigs

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Market/lady friend/mahjong troubles got you down? Cheer up—you now have the unique opportunity to own a tiny part of Renaissance Technologies (provided, of course, that you’re an institutional and/or sophisticated investor, which we’ve been told by Ad Sales you all are, which would explain how you’re able to spring for those pricey six-packs of Mike’s H.L. with such ease). The greatest hedge ever run out of Setauket, Long Island is said to be planning a minority stake sale in the coming weeks (though, predictably, the sale has been denied, for now). While AQR and KKR (and DVR and DDR) have reportedly been proceeding cautiously with their planned IPOs in the wake of some fireworks in the credit market, James Simons is confident things will work themselves out, and that there will be a demand for a little piece of James at home, as well as in Asia and the Middle East. (Rep from Goldman: “it’s not just the Ladies that Love Cool James, that's all I'm saying.")
The $30 billion fund is apparently going with stake sales similar to those of super secretive SAC, as they would allow them to raise capital but not be forced to reveal any major information about RT's 7th grade math-based trading schemes. Despite having momentarily jumped on the summer losses bandwagon, Renaissance’s flagship Medallion is said to be up for the year.
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