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Jim Cramer Steps Back Into Character

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Jim Cramer explains his fury to Brittney Umar on (watch the video here).
The takeaways:
-Jim Cramer’s searched his soul, and found the keys to his heart, which is lonely, but he is the owner of
-Jim Cramer wants you to recognize that he has been around for a long time and he’s traded things, like the Mesopotamians
-Jim Cramer is friends with the #1 and #4 mortgage providers
-The #2 and #3 mortgage providers have restraining orders against Jim Cramer
-Jim Cramer is enrolled in the Bobby Knight school of anger management, step 1: stop throwing chairs
-The chairs on the set of Mad Money have been replaced with easy-to-wield bar stools
-Lunatic Jim Cramer on Friday was Jim Cramer “not in character for a second”
-Sane, non-cochlear-raping Jim Cramer is a complete facade
-Jim Cramer’s friends are scared, primarily of Jim Cramer, somewhat of the market
-Jim Cramer is a history buff and can tell you who knew about the crashes in 1929 and 1987 beforehand (the answer: Jews)
-Jim Cramer is done speaking up, but is telling you that he’s not going
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