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John Devaney Will Never Stop Posing

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Last week we lamented that there were no pictures of John Devaney standing in front of his helicopter, which was recently put on the market for $10.995 million, on account of a “change [in] corporate travel requirements” for the hedge fund manager. And also, United Capital Asset Management’s precipitously dwindling fortunes. (June was losses of 30.4%, July is guessed to have matched or exceeded, August—sky’s the limit!) Today, we lament no longer.

Does anyone else get the feeling that he could be standing in some Tijuana alley (which he arrived at by flying commercial) and John Devaney would still have those same contentedly crossed arms, that same shit-eating grin on his face? Just us? Only time, and the magnitude of July’s losses, will tell. John Devaney-- he's like a Tim Sykes, for big boys.


Stop Insulting John Stumpf!

Lunch with him is going for a mere $17,000. Offensive.