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Lehman Brothers Acknowledges Futility of Subprime Lending Arm

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Lehman Brothers announced this afternoon that it is shuttering BNC Mortgage, one of its home lending units and, in the process, laying off 1,200 employees. This translates to roughly 4.2 percent of its total workforce (and: 4.2 percent less people clamoring for a Size M Super Mario Brothers t-shirt with a “LEH” superimposed onto the “Super Mario” at bonus time). The bank noted that current market conditions, wherein no one in their right mind is giving out subprime loans, have significantly reduced the demand for “resources and capacity in the subprime space.” Lehman will suffer only a mild hit of $52 million to third-quarter earnings. One Brother based in New York commented, “Big deal, it’s our lending arm and they likely sit in Wisconsin, no? BNC???” Familiarizing himself at this point seems somewhat moot.
Lehman Closes Subprime Unit and Lays Off 1,200 [NYT]