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Lehman Brothers: The Anchor Of Wall Street Sinking Quickly Toward The Bottom

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Lehman Brothers is getting ground down by the rumor mill. It's up slightly just now but has recently been winning the race to the downside in the financial sector. The pricing on Lehman's credit default swaps is behaving erratically. All this on no official news.
We're hesitant to publish this kind of item, especially about Lehman. Last time we touched on Lehman rumors that bank wound up making a statement later that day denying the rumored troubles. But it's clear that something (or perhaps someone) is pushing Lehman down, down, down.
We keep getting emails from traders who have heard sketchy reports that Lehman will make a "major announcement" today. Keep in mind that so far the rumor mill has predicted a dire Lehman warning for three days in a row. Reality has stubbornly refused to cooperate.
Lehman isn't commenting right now. Anyone hearing about what might be going on?