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Maria Bartiromo: No PETAphile

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The downside is that Maria Bartiromo hates animals. The upside is that there could be a catfight between the mistress of money and PETA champion Pamela Anderson in the very near future. The $Honey is under fire for posing in a fur-trimmed coat for More magazine's September issue, featuring "female movers and shakers over 40."
"Chic, sexy clothes are the real me," Bartiromo says. "The coat is spectacular; the fur cuffs give it just the right amount of glamour." Not a "je ne sais quoi" factor, but more of a, "someone got shot for this coat" element that the CNBC anchor loves. PETA spokesman Michael McGraw begged to differ, nothing that "There's nothing glamorous about animal electrocution, which one of the most common methods used to kill foxes for their pelts. She looks morally bankrupt in that fur."
Morally bankrupt? Our Maria? That's a little extreme. Sure she:
•Caused an uproar by flying around on private jets with a now ex-Citigroup executive
•Has acquired a pair of especially fetching nicknames, one in high school (look it up) and more recently, "the Bank Skank"
•Broke Joey Ramone's heart
•Pulled a fast one on Bernanke on his first day on the job
But that's mostly just child's play. And we here at DealBreaker refrain from passing moral judgment on anyone. (And, in the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that Keith loves the way road kill feels on his body, especially if he's dressing up for a big event.) But apparently some people disagree, so we have to ask "What makes Maria Bartiromo Morally Bankrupt?"
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