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More Junk in the Trunk

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Yahoo Personal Finance's "Brazen Careerist" Penelope Trunk has more advice in her "New Girls' Guide to Workplace Suckcess." Penelope's five steps to success for girls (I am not making any of these up):
1. Date coworkers
At least for a couple hours at a time. Waving goodbye to self-respect by climbing the corporate ladder the old fashioned way is the new feminist empowerment.
2. Show some flesh - but just enough
Penelope's suggested work attire is pictured. Have medium length hair, a little bit of makeup, and find that happy medium between dressing like a dude and a prostitute (or as Penelope puts it, "a man and a harlot").
3. Expect harassment, and stay cool
Since you're already dressing like a hooker and soliciting co-workers, odds are you're going to get harassed.
4. If you have to go to business school, go early
That is, if your business school has a morning and afternoon session, like your kindergarten.
5. Tone down your work ethic
Since girls are smarter than boys, it's best to give yourself a bit of a handicap. "So stop being the overachiever who does each assignment perfectly. Instead, start focusing on the stuff that really matters at work," like dating and in-office burlesque.
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