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MoveOn but don't GetUp

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The Nation reported yesterday that was going to be handing out "Murdoch'd" versions of the Wall Street Journal today near the paper's headquarters at 1 WFC (200 Liberty Street).
According to our readers, the MoveOn people are nowhere to be found, or at least not during the morning session. One reader comments, "I guess fighting the man is tough when the man gets out of bed before 10am."
The reported headlines of the parody paper:
- "All-Out Civil War In Iraq: Could It Be a Good Thing?"
- "Is The Liberal Media Helping To Fuel Terror?"
- "The #1 President on Mideast Matters: George W. Bush?"
- "Study: Some Trees Contribute To Global Warming"
- "Have Democrats Forgotten The Lessons of 9/11?"
Wall Street Journal Gone Wild [The Nation via Yahoo News]