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MTV Continues To Be Neato, Swell, Tubular

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Just as MTV officially debates what its "M" really stands for (front-runner: Meaningless, although a close second is Mutilation, if you have ever suffered through Scarred), as people (15 years ago) were just starting to catch on to the fact that MTV doesn't play music anymore, not that the sound of a 16-year old's shrieks over getting a Lexus instead of a Mercedes aren't melodic. It was a good ploy while it lasted MTV, but you're still totally (15 years ago) hip to the vernac of the nation's youth, thanks to new strategic initiatives.
MTV is figuring that it's time to take its brand into the next...7 minute commercial break, but take it there strong. That's why MTV is using $500 million dollars of daddy Viacom's allowance to develop video games, because that's what those crazy kids are playing now (15 years ago). Viacom also gave younger sibling Nickelodeon $100 million to buy a Super NES and get back to them on this new craze.
The cruel irony is that there are hugely popular games on the market now (Guitar Hero, even DDR and other rhythm games) that with any ingenuity or foresight MTV should have come up with or developed cross-promotional ties with years ago, instead of just catching on last year. MTV tried to cover its late jump last year by scooping up Harmonix, makers of DDR, Guitar Hero and one of our old favorites PaRappa the Rapper. Always finding ways to keep a franchise fresh, with MTV's help the next Guitar Hero is going to let you shred to Ryan Cabrera. Now we're stuck with reality show fatigue, a dying channel/brand, and a forthcoming PS3 title "Attention Seeker 4: Call of Duty" where you can make your own virtual Real World audition tapes.
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