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No Office For You! Come Back, One Year.

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Due to "quality issues," Microsoft won't release Office 2007 on Macs until 2008, instead of the second half of 2007 as originally promised. By quality issues Microsoft means issues with Mac's growing market share and continued attempts to try and jumpstart Vista sales. That, or it's displaced anger over entering the portable music market and still getting teased about the Zune.
Microsoft is also holding out on the eventual price point, saying that the new Mac Office will cost somewhere between a PS3 and something else you don't want to buy.
What Microsoft doesn't realize is that it is encouraging users to make the switch to Macs. After all, the Office 2007 suite is a resource hogging, 50% prettier and 50% less functional version of its predecessor. Microsoft prepares you for this frustration right off the bat, putting the new Office in an un-openable package (pictured, and it took the DB offices at least 10 minutes and three steam powered drills to get that thing open). Empowered by the knowledge that business managers can't upgrade, users know there has never been a better time to switch to a Mac.
Mac version sales make up about a fifth of total Office sales, up from about 4% in 2001.
Microsoft assures us that one visit to the Genius Bar in the Apple store is a quick remedy to a Mac buying impulse (wait, you're a "genius" because you live in Williamsburg and can't fix my computer?). Personally, we're still waiting for Apple to invent the right-click on their mice.
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