Not Your Grandmother's Forex Trades

Dart-throwing monkeys and now Tokyo housewives prove that they should be in charge at trading desks across the Street. The one downfall of the Tokyo housewife investor, however, is that she is not as adept at tax evasion as your average fund manager.
A Tokyo housewife who made $3.4 million in recent forex trades got nabbed for tax evasion today. From Reuters:

Yukiko Ikebe, 60, got a suspended jail sentence and was fined 34 million yen after she used relatives' names to make her gains look smaller and avoid paying tax, public broadcaster NHK said. "She felt it was unfair to have to pay tax on her gains, when she made losses some years," NHK quoted the judge as saying. "She spent the money on kimonos and jewelry."

Housewife hid $3 million in forex gains [Reuters]