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One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer, for $8,000

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The New York Sun explores the refined palettes of hedge fund managers who are trying too hard to get wasted, while DealBook muses on whether an alcohol downgrade is necessary in these troubled times.
Hedge fund managers may love their $4,800 cognac, but we’re thinking hedglings still prefer the best kept alcoholic secret in Manhattan - the Silk Road on 81st and Amsterdam. We’re talking free unlimited generic box wine (no primo Franzia here) and cheap Chinese food. You can even drink for free (from a plastic glass) while you wait for a bunch of Columbia students with fake IDs to free up a table. Be warned – the Silk Road is a dangerous road, and one of our former banker colleagues has never traversed it without getting a police citation in the ensuing evening.
We all know about the places that try to peddle $800 shots to finance suckers, but what are the best places to realistically throw back a few in the city? Criteria could include, quality, atmosphere and price, almost like a Zagats for taking the edge off those banking hours.
Put in your suggestions below.
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