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Overpaid Management Is a Mundane Detail

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Chrysler VP of Communications, Jason Vines, was back on WDIV this morning, correcting his prior general-ities made about the new AutoDepot under Nardelli (you can catch the video at Jalopnik again, here).
Vines gives a huge middle finger to the press (remember, it’s the press and SEC’s fault that public companies struggle, especially in the auto industry) and asserts the advantages of privatization. Nardelli can make a buck a year (before taxes) until the turnaround, which some are reporting, or he can make a whopping $100k (we hear his golden parachute needs a new lining). Vines doesn’t care that you care and goes on to state that what Chrysler decides to dole out to management is a "mundane detail." Chrysler can totally go out and stab hobos on weekends, just for kicks. You’ll never know. It’s this attitude that inspires confidence in the LBO boom.
Word is that Chrysler has put a new (it’s not a pentagram, damnit!) pentagonal thingie on its walls and that, weather permitting, is having an “employee celebration” at 12:45pm. The celebration marks the fact that Chrysler employees get to keep their jobs for a brief period to avoid a PR disaster until Cerberus gets ornery and starts cutting the fat.
If anyone has any dirt on the “celebration,” drop a comment or tip at *tips at dealbreaker dot com*.
Chrysler PR Main Man Jason Vines Corrects Self, New CEO Bob Nardelli's Resume [Jalopnik]