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Rick Ziwot Is 45: There Will Be Cake In The Break Room And A Cash Bar At TGIFriday's Tonight

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If you work in structured finance, you might soon be getting fired, unlike Rick Ziwot, who voluntarily left his job. HSBC confirmed today that Ziwot will depart from his post as the bank’s global head of structured credit products, to be replaced by Jeff Jakubiak, head of structured credit products for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Allegra Kelly will become deputy head of the structured credit products group (a title that includes a badge, plus chaps and spurs).
Think Ziwot’s exit has anything to do with fears of major losses for collateralized-debt-obligation investors affected by subprime? Think again. According to HSBC, Ziwot’s departure (and the ensuing shuffle) has nothing to do with the meltdown in the market. Rather, it had to do with “a decision by Rick Ziwot to retire after his 45th birthday, which was in July." Okay, we’ll buy. You set a deadline for yourself and you stick to it, man, you fucking stick to it. (But seriously, who among hasn’t planned to retire at 45? This sounds legit to us, no sarcasm implied.)
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