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Slacker Cats...Hooo

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Is credit card theft so easy a cat—and a slacker cat at that—could do it? That’s what the Walt Disney Company, whose stock plummeted 1 percent this morning to $33.95, is hoping. The company, best known for being the sick sadists who humanized mice and for its kid friendly G-rated films featuring highly aroused priests, is debuting its new animated series, “Slacker Cats,” on August 13, and running up thousands of dollars in charges at a the Pussycat Lounge on your AMEX is just one of the many ways Walt plans to stick its sword in the world of “outrage and grown-ups.”
Others include storylines featuring the cats at left taking bong hits, enjoying “kitty” porn, and manipulating the natural gas markets. Never to be outdone, Fox (+0.07 (0.33%)) announced plans to up the ante with its own new animal-centric show, “Fucking Pandas.” Episode 1: “Reverse Langone.”
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