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People who work out audibly should be shot. But should they be thrown through a wall? That’s the question at the heart of a police investigation into a spinning class imbroglio between a hedge fund manager and a broker that took place over the weekend at an Equinox gym. Stuart Sugarman was peddling along, minding his own business and feeling the burn. Problem was, he was making everyone else feel his burn, too, by “loudly” grunting, commenting, “Great song!” and yelling, “You go, girl,” throughout class.
Annoyed by these outbursts of enthusiasm and music reviews, fellow rider Christopher Carter apparently first asked Sugarman to quiet down, then told him to "Shut the fuck up," then threatened "If you don't shut the fuck up, I'm getting off my bike," and finally, after being told to “stop being a baby,” made good on his promise and also took it one step further—by dismounting and throwing Sugarman and his Schwinn against the wall, and leaving a hole in the sheetrock.
Sugarman, who got back on his bike and finished the class, says he suffered a concussion and had to have extensive back surgery, using cadaver discs to repair the six injured ones in his neck. Carter has been charged with a misdemeanor assault, though Sugarman’s lawyer, Samuel Davis is asking the DA to up that to a felony. Davis claims that what should’ve been a request to “keep it down a bit” turned into a “spin rage” attack charge not unlike that of “Leonard Marshal of the New York Giants hitting a practice sled.” The defense from Carter’s lawyer, Dan Ollen, has been to call Sugarman, “a piece of work.” Davis says that he and his client will also be suing Equinox, who reportedly revoked Sugarman’s membership this morning.
DealBook, always-- always-- adding insult to (neck and back) injury, points out that Sugarman may not actually be a hedge fund manager, but the senior managing director of boutique investment bank Sunrise Securities, instead.
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