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Terror Cell Gets Grounded, Not Going To Prom This Year

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Goldman’s angry pen pal who wrote, “Hundreds will die. We are inside. You can’t stop us,” to the bank and 40 media outlets two months ago is still at large. An apparent follow-up letter to Newsday and the Daily News postmarked July 11 in Brooklyn is claiming to be written by the same author, only dictated by her parents.
The follow-up letter is signed “Three frightened kids and six frightened parents” and details the misguided prank of two teenage boys and one girl. The new letter exposes the first letter as a glorified arts and crafts project by three college-bound “A” students:

The kids came up with the “plot” because one of their parents had a financial beef with Goldman Sachs and had loudly complained about it at home. The three kids thought it would be “funny” and “creative” to do the mailing, never imagining it would coincide with real events in the U.K. They got the newspaper names and addresses from a directory at the library.

We think it's more the "similarities" with someone who wants to blow up Goldman Sachs that has people worried here. The FBI admits there are similarities with the handwriting in both the letters, but the new letter suggests that the kids used a library, which is dubious. The FBI isn’t ready to close the case just yet.
Settling childhood scores isn’t what it used to be. Couldn’t the kids have just tp’d or egged 85 Broad?
Letter to Newsday claims Goldman threat a hoax [amNewYork]