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The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were!

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In case you missed the Crameruption on Friday:

Cramer’s main points:
-The Bear guys should shut their dirty, whorish mouths
-Bernanke should get on a Bear Stearns call and stop being an “academic”
-But, Bernanke has “NO IDEA!”
-People talk to Jim Cramer, especially in the last 72 hours
-It’s bad out there, contrary to the Jim Cramer of 3 weeks ago, who was saying CDO holders would be made whole and calling for buys in the financial sector
-The Fed is asleep!
-Jim Cramer worked in fixed income at Goldman Sachs, which is like having a pair of scissors made out of paper-covered rocks and trumps any other form of argument or rational thought
-Jim Cramer knows too many people and is too darn old
-So old, that he knows of a President named Hoover