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The Clothes Make You Smarter

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The Illinois State University College of Business is implementing a dress code that will eliminate the schleppiness of T-shirts, sweats, jeans, hoodies, life-partner-beaters, baby-tees, pleather vests, banana hammocks, juicy couture and cargo thongs found in most college classrooms these days.
ISU is going strictly business casual (the range of which is pictured), instead of student-chic. The punishment for not adhering to the fashion police will be expulsion from class (or the Cabo "case-trip"?) and academically punitive in nature (you get a pass-minus), which seems a bit over-the-top.
In another move to increase "overall professionalism" at the school, ISU may take its own generic-looking "Red Bird" mascot and finally formalize it into the "Cardinal" that it has been ripping off for ages.
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