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We Have A Winner!You’ve Chosen The Next Host For CNBC’s “The Call”

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The people have spoken. In our totally unauthorized, unaffiliated, unscientific and unauthoritative poll for who should become the permanent anchor of CNBC’s midday show The Call, the clear winner is…
Well, let’s not rush into things. It was a hotly contested plebiscite at every level. In the end, the second place contender ended within striking distance of the first, just seven percent behind. A lot of the real action was in the second tier of contestants—Rebecca Jarvis, Trish Regan and Erin Burnett. They all finished within just a few points of each other.
Perhaps most surprising was the poor performance of Maria Bartiromo. Once the top star of the network, many of her fans seem to have deserted her. Or, you know, maybe they just don’t read DealBreaker.
After the jump, the progress and final results of the DealBreaker Reader Poll.

From the start it was a hard fought battle. Melissa Francis, a favorite among DealBreaker readers perhaps in part due to DealBreaker Editor In Chief John Carney’s appearance on her On The Money program, took a decisive lead. But just behind her was Rebecca Jarvis, a market reporter who has most recently been seen in the pits of the Nymex. Trish Regan, who has been a regular host of The Call, was just behind her. Most surprising, two prominent CNBC anchors, Erin Burnett and Becky Quick, trailed behind.
“I think a lot of people worry that those two are already over-worked, and maybe over-exposed. Both Erin and Becks are on for three hours each day as it is,” one reader told us. “How many hours can they take.
Those thoughts were echoed by another reader who said he thought the votes for Francis and Jarvis were largely a vote for more diversity during the day time programming. “Erin’s great but it’s nice to change things up,” he said.
But the situation changed this morning when Quick made an unexpected surge, perhaps on the strength of her appearance on Squawk Box. She also happened to be guest hosting “The Call” on the same day the poll was closing, which may have given her an added boost.
When the polls closed, however, there was no room for doubt about the winner. Melissa Francis, who is anchoring Closing Bell today, was the clear winner, with 29% of the vote. Becky Quick was just behind her with 21%. Trish Regan (14%), Erin Burnett (13%) and Rebecca Jarvis (14%) filled out the field, ending the poll almost neck and neck and neck.
Congratulations to everyone. It was a far more interesting and hotly contested vote than we could have ever hoped for on a sultry Friday afternoon in August. And thanks to so many readers for voting in what has been our most popular poll to date. The full results are below.

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