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What people are saying about: Caxton, Arky, John Carney

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Cax: “The flagship Global fund, which oversees $12 billion, dropped about 3 percent in July.”
Arky Busson: He is nice, his intelligence ranges.
“Arky runs EIM…it is a legitimate business. He made his name because he was an early investor in Tudor, Moore and some other funds. So, he has access to a lot of funds that have good performance but are now closed. The truth is it doesn’t take much brains to run that type of fund of funds. It is all about contacts. Arky is very charming and very French. And, rumored to be, dumb as a brick. But nice enough."
“He's an incredibly lucky, really nice guy, but not whip smart. Not dumb, necessarily.”
John Carney: “I just miss him, is all. When’s that drunken magic Leprechaun coming back from his vacation in Omaha?”
(Monday, provided we haven’t burned this thing down before then.)
Tudor Raptor Fell 9% in July; Caxton's Global Lost 3% [Bloomberg]