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Who Do You Want Giving You The Call?DealBreaker Readers Help CNBC Pick Which CNBC Lady Moves The Midday Market

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Earlier this week, we asked you to nominate who should get the gig as the regular anchor of CNBC’s late morning show, “The Call.” We had an overwhelming number of responses in comments and emails, with “On The Money” host Melissa Francis as a clear favorite among the nominators. But that was just stage one and now the contest begins for real: with a Reader Poll.
After the jump, you’ll have the chance to vote on which of the ladies of CNBC should gain the job. We’ve excluded a few nominees on the LBJ principle—they’ve assured us that if nominated they will not run, and if elected they will not serve. So WallStrip’s Lindsay Campbell is out. We’ve also netted out porn stars and DealBreaker writers: no Savannah Samson or Bess Levin.
What that leaves us with is a roster of rising stars and long-time favorites on the network. You know the names and the faces. Now it’s your chance to vote: Who Do You Want Giving You “The Call?”

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