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Who Is Tim Sykes?

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In its annual “30 under 30” issue, out August 28, Trader Monthly compares Tim Sykes to Ryan Leaf. Here’s what the trader/author/attention-seeker extraordinaire had to say about it:
DBBess: So…Ryan Leaf?
Mitzvah$$$: LOL
Mitzvah$$$: u know who he is, right?
DBBess: I’m familiar…how does the comparison make you feel?
Mitzvah$$$: I love it
Mitzvah$$$: are you kidding?
Mitzvah$$$: it's gonna be soo much fun to rub that comment in their faces for the next decade
Ryan Leaf-- fair, outlandish, understating just how much Sykes is a sensation-become-flop or spot-on? You tell us.