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Who Should Get The Call?Let's Help CNBC Pick The Right Anchor For Late Morning Show

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It has now been one month and one day since Liz Claman left “Morning Call,” the CNBC morning show which aired from ten am until noon. Since then, “Squawk on the Street” has been expanded to two hours, with Mark Haines and Erin Burnett bringing us from 9 am till 11 am each day. And the show has lost more than an hour—it’s lost the “Morning” part of it’s title. Now they’re just calling it, well, “The Call.”
The show has been, for the most part, hosted Trish Regan, formerly of Goldman Sachs and D.E. Shaw. Various guest hosts have also taken a seat for the popular midday hour. We understand that CNBC is still deciding who should become the permanent anchor of the hour.
Well, you know how we decided those things around here—a Reader Poll. So, in the spirit of our now famous “Who Moves Your Market Poll” we’re asking reader to begin the polling process by nominating which CNBC anchor, reporter or correspondent should get The Call. Leave your ideas in the comments section below or send nominations to Feel free to nominate individuals or even teams. Once we get the nominations, we'll start up our polling software so DealBreaker readers can vote on who should host The Call.