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Women Are Powerful

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Do you agree with Forbes' list of the 100 most powerful women? Merkel is #1, fine, but Oprah below the CEO of Rite Aid (the logic here is that America's housewives need their prescription refills to tolerate the massive emotional swings required of an Oprah viewing without lighting themselves on fire)? Ruth Bader Ginsburg below the CEO of Sara Lee (deliciousness is never un-constitutional). Hillary Clinton below 'I am important in my own special and deserved way' Melinda Gates? Queen Elizabeth II at #23 (ok, we don't know if we'd put her higher or lower, but we love the fact that her occupation is "Queen"). The ghost of Nina Wang conspicuously absent from the list? No Melanie Griffith's character from "Working Girl"? No Rosie the Riveter?
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