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You Must Find Us A Shrubbery

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Such were the instructions of the Knights Who Say "Leh," as Lehman is rumored to have hired Jeb Bush as an advisor for its in-house investment arm. The Shrubberies have a long history of landing prestigious corporate gigs - from G.H.W.B.'s stint at Carlyle and G.G.H.W.B.'s (Grandfather of G.H.W.B.) run at Brown Brothers Harriman. The Shrubberies have so densely lined the upper echelons of corporate America, future Shrubberies are often added to make a path, and rest on the absence of laurels particularly.
Is this a sign that the banks are in desperation mode and looking to bring in people with Washington connections to strong-arm some (more) intervention to stem the oncoming tide of financial turmoil (or a sign that J.B. is going to wait until the Shrubbery name becomes a little less toxic and boost his campaign coffers to make a run in 2012)?
Jeb Bush: Lehman’s Secret Weapon [Deal Journal]