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2+2, Math So Simple A Harvard MBA Can Do It

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In attempts to get more "liberal-arts students," Harvard Business School has come up with a groundbreaking (in the sense that several other schools do it) program called 2+2. You can lock in a place at Harvard Business School as early as your junior year of college but you have to work for two years after school. Google is one of the 30 companies on board to help HBS attract a more diverse student body.
Translation - HBS needs more women. Figuring that its pitch to girls is already something along the lines of "You will find a husband, and we will accept you if you apply," HBS is actually attempting some subtlety. The caveat of getting in is always, "All you have to do is facilitate our well-connected, severely under-sexed male student body, and settle on one big winner after two years." The school figures those girls aren't going to work after HBS (marriage) anyway, so they might as well get a couple years in before the great B-school hubbie hunt.
As hard as HBS students are trying to get laid, Wharton students remain proudly repressed (closeted):

Some business schools see little value in aggressively marketing the M.B.A. to undergrads. "We don't necessarily support the idea of a two-year deferred admission," says Thomas Caleel, director of M.B.A. admissions and financial aid at The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania.

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