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AAPL Watch-- Things Have Been Better

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The rumors that today Apple would introduce a redesigned iPod featuring no buttons, knobs or screens of any kind, instead employing newly-patented mind-reading technology for functionality; produce a force-field causing all Zune products within a 200-foot radius to immolate, rendering them as useful as they are in non-burned-to-a-crisp state; and come with videos personally damning to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, preloaded did not pan out, and for that Jobs-y Boy is paying dearly. Sure, we got a custom ring-tone maker; slashed prices on the iPhone; a 2.5 inch screen video Nano in red, silver, blue, green and black; a new name for the iPod: iPod Classic; 160 gigs (that's 40,000 songs, 20 more than there are in existence); a touch screen; Wi-Fi; and Safari / GOOG / YHOO browser (basically: an iPhone without the Phone), but it wasn't enough--shares are down 3.5%.
Are we asking too much? All the news was good news (except for the price cut on iPhones. That announcement was not good and by not good we mean "bad," for those of you--Cliff Mason--who spent $599 for your iPhone on June 29 instead of $399 this weekend, and for AAPL investors, despite SJ's spin of, "it's so popular we want more people to afford it!" Just like houses. Little subprime humor? That's okay, I'll let myself out) but it wasn't the kind of huge gains/NO RIGHT CLICK BUTTON ON YOUR MOUSE news we've come to expect from Senor Jobs. He did, however, change the color of his mock, swapping brown for black, and perhaps that'll be enough to get things up by the end of the day.
Apropos of AAPL, it was also announced today that Apple will have a wireless music deal with Starbucks, which can only mean this thing is about to drop like a bag of dirt.
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